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Adefemi, you are tall, tall like an iroko
strong like a baobab, rare like mahogany
you carry your chest like an iron fence
as your beard hangs above it
dark like premium charcoal
glistening like a moon-lit lake
Adefemi, I have seen your pockets
they are deep, deep like a desert well
I have seen your enchanting eyes
that draw the women
like the night draws fireflies
Adefemi, I have seen
your fever-invoking smile
that makes them babble like brooks
as they run to you, like chickens
like chickens to the shake of grains.

They say, in the morning
you are the aroma of freshly cut grass
they say at night, you are the muskiness
of a sandalwood camp fire.
On your worst day Adefemi,
you are a half and three men
on every other day Adefemi
you are a demigod among men.
Only fools contest with you
as I am no fool, here’s my plea;
leave her for me, Adefemi
please leave her for me
don’t take my woman, Adefemi
just because you can.


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