The Poetry Journal

The Poetry Journal: Retelling the African story

The Poetry Journal is a yearly curation and print publication of African stories. It seeks refreshing, everyday stories that highlight the ordinary individual experiences, within the numerous (collective identity) African stories.  For more information, visit:

Halima Series

Halima Series

The Halima Series is an illustrated social commentary series. It’s mostly about  the character named Halima, (a young woman with a biting tongue) and her responses to everyday social issues and interactions.

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The 100 Most-Read Bible Verses

Word Search Puzzle Book

I love the classic word search puzzles, and I decided to create 3 wordsearch puzzle books but with a little twist. Instead of searching for random or thematic words, complete quotes from external works are used. These have meaning and context outside the word game, and in turn provides a nuance, extra value and fun to the experience.

The first puzzle book contains 100 puzzles based on the 100 most popular verses from  the bible.  Data used was obtained mostly from Bible Gateway and one or two other sources.  The other two books are still being worked on. One is based on… should I even say these now? Wait guys. Watch this space. The first puzzle book is available on Amazon.