Bible Story Quiz: Who Said These Words?

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Bible Quiz

Who Made These Statements?


How well do you know your old testament stories? Can you score 12/12?

Which Old Testament Bible Character made this statement?
“Who is this David? Who is this son of Jesse? Many servants are breaking away from their masters these days."
“Lord, when you destroy the evil people, are you also going to destroy those who are good? Wouldn’t you spare the city if there are only fifty good people in it?"
"To obey is better than sacrifice, and to listen is better than the fat of rams."
“Look, even if the Lord should open the floodgates of the heavens, could this happen?”
"Like an apple tree among the trees of the forest is my beloved among the young men. I delight to sit in his shade, and his fruit is sweet to my taste"
“I now put a curse on Canaan! He will be the lowest slave of his brothers.
“I was glad when they said to me, let’s go to the house of the Lord”
“What should be done for the man the king delights to honour?”
“you have no right to accept money or clothes, olive orchards or vineyards, sheep or cattle, or servants. Because of what you’ve done, his leprosy will now be on you and your descendants forever!”
"Let beer be for those who are perishing, wine for those who are in anguish! Let them drink and forget their poverty and remember their misery no more."
“Here comes that dreamer!”
Your eyes are too pure to look on evil; you cannot tolerate wrongdoing. Why then do you tolerate the treacherous? Why are you silent while the wicked swallow up those more righteous than themselves?


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