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Sometimes you want to
punch a human in the face
you want to punch them so hard
bash their face in with your hands
and make them scream out in pains
but you dare not punch this human
or hurt one strand on their head.
not because they are stronger
no, they are not, it’s because
punching them is guaranteed
to make you lose your job
(just before humanity disowns you)
in this tough economy.

It’s what happens
because we punish adults
who won’t adulterate certain truths
it leaves fate no other choice
but to send the gospel we won’t hear
through a child that doesn’t care.

An innocent public delivery
of knee-capping honesty
at your company’s Christmas party
from a 5-year old who’ll ask
with a ringing bell-clear voice
that slices through the air
“Aunty! Aunty! are you pregnant?”

It took a second, but it sank in
like a back-hand slap, on your cheek
you flounder around for words, find none
because your tongue has become a knot
but thank God, her 6-year old best friend
steps in quickly to scold her on your behalf
“Aunty is not pregnant, Aunty is just fat!”

And that’s the moment sweltry shame
wears you fully like a used condom
as you look around in shock
hoping no one else heard the words
but by the way they all look away
with faces buried in their drinks
you know they heard it, everything.

And you, who’s always bragging
of how every where you go
kids love you, and you love them too
discover, there’s nothing else
you now hate more on earth
than those pesky imps from hell.

Your palm had morphed into a fist
you catch a grip and loosen it
you can’t punch a child in the face
you can’t bash the little demon’s face in
she’s your CEO’s little demon
and you’re not ready to lose your job
(right before humanity disowns you)
in this tough economy.

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