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‘I Laugh At These Skinny Girls’
is a refreshing and exciting approach to poetry. It is a collection of ‘poetry for people who hate poetry’ which is poetry marinated in; simplicity, relatability, vividness and wittiness. The poems are written present poetry as enjoyable, especially to those people who would normally not read poetry. I Laugh at These Tiny Girls is the second book in the ‘poetry for people who hate poetry’ series. More/Book Excerpt
(Page count: 128 | Publisher: Strange Ideas UK)

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Kindle & Paperback

‘Your Father Walks Like A Crab’
is the first book in the ‘Poetry for people who hate poetry series. It is fresh, vivid, whimsical, somewhat cheeky and sprinkled with wit and humour. It is about relationships: familial, platonic or romantic, and also general day to day experiences and observations of the poet. In a good way, this book contains the kind of poetry that you most likely haven’t read before.  More/Book Excerpt
(Page count: 208 | Publisher: Strange Ideas UK)

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Tolu_Akinyemi_poetolu_smallTolu’ Akinyemi is an Architect, Entrepreneur, and a passionate Creativist. He was born in Akure, the sleepy capital city of Ondo State, Nigeria. He studied at the Federal University of Technology Akure, Nigeria, and then at the University of Greenwich, London.

His Poetry was short-listed in Verses From The Sun (2012); An Association of Nigerian Authors, Anthology, A Way With Words (2014); A Great British Write Off Anthology, The Big Society; A poetry stage play written for The Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust, London, and The Greenwich-Lewisham Young People’s Theatre. His writings have also appeared on other printed and online outlets.

You can find Tolu on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter (@poetolu). He believes in ‘The Big Bang Theory’ TV Show, Google and Jesus. Tolu currently lives in London, England.

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