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The water a man will drink
Cannot flow past him
Is what Grandmother told me.
So I stand here, patiently
And wait.
The morning has come
The traders have gone
To setup their stalls
But I stand here patiently
And wait.
I can hear the evening larks
And the traders are coming back,
Patting their profit-filled bags
Still I stand here, patiently
And wait.
I have waited all night
And it’s dawning on me
Have I been waiting
By the wrong stream.


  • Nedoux says:

    Time and chance…

    It’s one thing to be perfectly positioned by the right opportunity, it’s another thing to recognise that an opportunity really isn’t ones own opportunity. It’s again another thing to recognise one’s own opportunity and act on it.

    Hello Tolu, I’m glad I found your blog, I saw your “This is an abbreviated car” comic on instagram, I laughed and laughed and laughed 😀

    Well written poem, well done!

    • poetolu says:

      Hi Nedoux.

      You are very right, it’s a fine line between these things; timing and recognition. Thanks for the kind words and I’m glad the comic made you laugh.


  • Folu says:

    Hello Tolu,

    I’m in the midst of finding myself and I happened to find your blog…The ‘original’ in your writing and the fact that your an architect in the midst of all these words, is inspiring.

    Well done.

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