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butchers knife

To Cook A Stone

Don’t ask me
How I feel
A butcher doesn’t flinch
When he leads the humble sheep
The way the stew is cooked.

Don’t pull me
From my tears
That drown me every day
By words you always say
And ones you never say.

Don’t tell me
I’ll be fine
When you know in your mind
You had the cure I need
But gave it all to him.

Don’t mock me
With your smiles
At me, it holds no warmth
I’ve seen you smile at dusk
And turn the night to dawn
Because you smiled at him.

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Tolu Akinyemi

Tolu' Akinyemi was born in Akure, the capital city of Ondo State, Nigeria.

His writings have appeared in a number of notable anthologies such as 'Verses From The Sun', an Association of Nigerian Authors anthology, 'A Way With Words' (2014 & 2016), a Great British Write Off Anthology and other printed and online outlets. His poetry play 'The Big Society'; written for The Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust, London was performed at The Greenwich-Lewisham Young People's Theatre, London. In 2017, he was named on the 'Nigerian Writers' Awards' list of '100 Most Influential Nigerian Writers under 40' and also won the 'Poetry Writer of the Year' Award. In March 2017 he obtained an 'Exceptional Talent Endorsement' as a writer, from the Arts Council England.

You can find Tolu on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter (@poetolu). He believes in 'The Big Bang Theory' TV Show, Google and Jesus. Tolu currently lives in London, England.

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