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Close up portrait of happy young woman, Casa Alto Vidigal, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Thursday evening, two minutes past six
You were standing by our street
With your (talkative) friend
Your skirt gently teasing the wind.

I overhead you saying you know me
(A neighbour from across the street)
So I assumed your (talkative) friend
With the funny-looking wig asked.

But more than her fake eyelashes
Your answer amused me
How could you say you know me?
When you don’t feel the weight of my stare
Every morning as I run to my window
To swallow gulps of you
As you hurry off to work
Dressed in smiles and bright eyes.

If you know me, won’t you notice?
How I collide my evening stroll
With your daily commute home
Just to struggle with the puzzle
Of how at the end of a busy day
You still look like it just began.

How could you say you know me?
When you don’t even know it
How I strive to understand it
How easily you do it
To stand beside your (talkative) friend
And without even trying
You make her look so bad.

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    1. Awww! You are so sweet like wine. I’ve not even met you, but I know. Thank you for the kind words and for stopping by.

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