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Every night as she struggled to sleep
a spider crept in through her ears
and laid eggs in her head.
Nobody knew
her head was a spider’s nest.

She comes to work, in a bright dress and a smile
We see her, in the shops for a quick lunch
on the streets, jumping puddles of last night’s rain
At  the church, the tenants meet, everywhere
in her bright dress and her smile, saying ‘I’m fine thanks’
Nobody knew
her head was a spider’s nest.

The day she dropped
they chewed through her brain
poured out from her ears, her nose, (and as if in mockery)
through her mouth that smiled and said ‘I’m fine, thanks’.
Nobody knew
her head was a spider’s nest.

They scampered everywhere,
Ugly things, with fangs and hairy legs
everyone watched in shock
except the two ambulance men,
calmly picking her up, (their morning’s third)
as the shorter one said

“A half of this town
have spiders in their heads”.

Nobody talks of it
those who ask really don’t care
or are busy finding their own cure
so everyone wears a bright dress and smiles
they smile and say ‘I’m fine, thanks’
they smile and say ‘ I’m fine th…‘


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