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A Note Of Warning

If you make me fall in love with you
Please don’t say you were not warned
For as I fall, I’ll break some bones
Lame in love to rise no more.

Start to count the cost
For it will take the world
To talk me out
Of making you my world.

Please don’t leave your heart door ajar
Not even slightly, please be warned
For like a bandit, I will barge in
To build a wall across that door.

Get a court letter
But it will take forever
To pull me out
Of loving you forever.

Don’t lead me on please I’m pleading
If you don’t need a second skin
For like the dusk chases the dawn
I will, till our shadows become one.

Run with a thousand feet
Fly with a thousand wings
But I’ll have to lose my sight
To lose you from my sight.    

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