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bad shoes 2
People who love shoes
are really not people.
In their minds
they are millipedes,
and when in public,
they’ll embarrass you,
looking down and around
smirking and sneering
judging your feet.
People who sleep naked
cannot be trusted.
It’s hard to decipher
if they escape the heat
or are laying bait meat
for a bumbling victim.
People who eat food
cannot be trusted;
the ones who dine
behind locked doors.
What would they do
for gold coins,
If they guard boiled corn
with scowls and  locks?
People who wear makeup
should be respected
for their skills of guerrilla disguise.
They wear warpaint
you see make up
till it’s too late and
arrows have been shot
and war victims have been caught.
These ‘harmless’ poets cannot be trusted
with their dangerous weapons of  flowery words
that creep through fences and suck through walls
planting seeds and attacking knees
pretending the harvest was not foreseen.
Funny boys cannot be trusted
The ones that joke and joke
so you laugh and laugh
till you fall very hard
on his already-made bed.

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  1. Aww. I love this. I hate it when people stare at my shoes
    I wonder the category I fall under… the poet I guess.

    Happy new year Poetolu.
    May the new year be a more creative one for you.

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