the sign 2

T’was the tail of a Saturday
They sat on a bed of grass
Hers, in his hands
They spoke aloud in stares
Between whispers of smiles.

He sliced silence and said
I know that in this world
There will always be two people; us
And when we’re arm in arm
Time doesn’t nag us
But I’m curious, it eats me
What would you do, my love
What if with some day’s dawn
Without a word I’m gone
Away, not to return?

Then she said after a silence,
And a few drops of sweat
What an imagination, my love?
But what’s a world of two people
To the one who is left behind?
What a bully time would be
In a prison without walls.

Sight would only make me sore
For why would I need to see
If I won’t be seeing you?
I’ll find comfort to lose my voice
For what delight would I take
in words unsweetened
by your name.

My love, if with some day’s dawn
You are gone not to return
And that without a word
For a hundred and twelve nights
I’ll curl into a ball
And drown in tears of blood
Then, I’ll run unto the cliffs
And ask them, “Fall on me”
And if they hesitate
I’ll climb upon, and jump
Your name, my last words.

But then she beamed a smile
What an imagination we have
A bad dream, that can only be
It’s a world that has just us
Where on us time is no lord
For I’m hopelessly tied to you
In knots that have no eye.

So they stared a little more
And smiled a little more
He whispered to her lips
And her hand, still in his
They rose, and walked away
Into the setting sun.

And one dawn she wore white
And some (happy) time passed
But another dawn she awoke
The bed still had his scent,
But a hollow where he was
He was gone, he was gone
He was gone, without a word

She knew not what to think
Until her senses laid it clean
For a hundred and twelve nights
She curled into a ball
And drowned in tears of blood
Then, she ran unto the cliffs
And asked them, “fall on me”
The cliffs did hesitate
So she climbed, and jumped.
His name her last words.

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  1. I read this poem a number of times and each time came with new waves of emotions and understanding. Love indeed makes us do things we never would have thought of, or done… A wonderful read, I must say… Well done sir.

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