When you are single
everything reminds you.

Commercials remind you
everything is cheaper
if you buy in twos.

Your big idle pots remind you
since you almost never cook for two

Your favourite dress reminds you;
it needs help zipping from the back

Those nosy acquaintances too
with questions you have no answers to.
‘Bolaji when are we eating your wedding rice?’

You drag a smile as you reply
‘ Aunty Moji, when are we attending your funeral?’
(if only you could say it out loud).

Oh… and your mother too
with special ways of making it
the roof on every dialogue.

Even at a funeral
reading Late Mama Yejide’s biography
She goes; ‘’really, I didn’t know
Mama Yejide married at 21?’’
with all the emphasis
in all the deliberate places.

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